Our Story – RAOOF MD Dermatology

Our Story

A family brand from its conception, RAOOF MD Dermatology began formulating products in 1987. Back then, Dr. Raoof needed effective medical grade skin care options for his patients that wouldn't break the bank. Due to the limited options available in the 80s and 90s, Dr. Raoof was dissatisfied with what was being offered. Since he was familiar with the newest ingredients and latest skin care trends Dr Raoof felt the options weren't effective enough and began experimenting himself.
Fast forward to 2003, Dr. Raoof’s son took notice of his father’s frustration with the skin care market’s limitations of offering products customized by skin care professionals. They decided to take matters into their own hands. Together, they developed a line based on Dr Raoof's experience of patients’ true needs. Eventually an entire FDA-registered skin care manufacturing company evolved that focuses on effective, synergistic, customizable formulations. Dr. Raoof continues to work with his son, who manufactures RAOOF MD Dermatology's products locally in Los Angeles.
While the packaging of RAOOF MD Dermatology has changed over the years (trust us, it’s been for the better!), efficacy has remained at our core. Joined in practice by Dr. Raoof's daughter, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Rebecca Raoof, FNP-BC, RAOOF MD Dermatology continues it's dedication of selling only the highest quality of effective skin care products, free of sulfates, parabens, hormones, and other commonly used irritants found in skin care. Cheers to healthier skin, from our family to yours!