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Recovery Cream

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Specially formulated with cactus and yeast extracts to significantly reduce irritation caused by AHA’s and Retinoids. This specialized formula works by down-regulating the most important signaling molecule enzymes in inflammation including: COX2, IL-1α and IL8. This down regulation soothes the skin, removes irritation and reduces redness. It's a super clinical product! 

Recovery Cream is further enhanced with four different ceramides to restore your skin's barrier function which helps the skin maintain its natural structure. Maintaining this structure decreases water loss and increases natural moisturizing factors, hydrating and protecting the skin while significantly aiding the skin's post-stress recovery. 


  • Reduces stinging and irritation associated with the use of hydroxy acids
    and retinoids 
  • Provides physical and biological benefits to the skin
  • Down-regulates inflammation enzymes to soothe the skin
  • Ceramides present restore the barrier function of the skin
  • Results in healthier, moisturized skin
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Great for even sensitive skin!

My Granddaughter was suffering from redness, dry skin and pimples and she was sensitive to all products her mother was purchasing for her ( even all organic ) until she started facials with Irina who recommend she use the RECOVERY CREAM. Since then she has not had any more problems with her skin and has been very happy ever since .